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Beerbot: doing more with your Untappd data

Beerbot is a tool to make better use of your Untappd lists and checkin history. It generates convenient stock lists, weekly summaries of the beers you’ve drunk, and analysis of your favourite styles and venues. Outputs are CSVs that you can format, analyse and print in any spreadsheet program.

Stock list

Example stocklist Sample csv

Weekly summary

Example weekly summary Sample csv

Breweries analysis

Example summary Sample csv

Daily visualisation

Example visualisation

Using Beerbot

To use it, you’ll need to be able to use Untappd’s export tools, which means you’ll need a paid Untappd Supporter Account.

You can use the tools in one of two ways - either download the code and run it yourself, or just forward your Untappd export emails to the service.

Run at home

You’ll need a little patience or some experience running Python code to do this. Everything is available and documented at beerbot.

This is the slightly more powerful, but less convenient option.

Forward by email

Beerbot can also be used entirely from your email client. Simply forward the emails that Untappd sends you when you export your data to and it’ll reply with the results. Reports will be attached as CSVs, and your latest list export will also be stored privately online.

⚠️ Important

Getting your data

The process for getting your data, whether for personal download or for email forwarding is described in “Exporting your data”.

Making the best of Beerbot

Beerbot will make a best effort to process any export it’s fed, but you can get a lot more out of it if you feed it the best data.